Money Console SkinAlong with operating several online stores,  DecalBuy also operates a small, hometown store the expressed purpose of which is to better understand our average customer's likes and dislikes.    I have been amazed since its inception to learn from the tweens who routinely come to our store to shop the hundreds of phone and gaming skins that we offer.   I was surprised to observe that many tweens have migrated toward one skin pattern in particular-  the money skin!  Of all the ones we offer, I was taken aback buy this.   Are kids more inclined to money than I thought?   Are they planning to use the template to mastermind some counterfeiting plot?   Or are they, like the rest of America, caught up in the All-American dollar.   Surely, they are more interested in Minecraft skins or some of the colorful color explosions we offer. 

It got me thinking about raising my own children.   And it got me thinking about understanding youth culture in general.  It is far more complex than we give it credit.  Teens are far more complex than we understand.  We like to pigeon-hole them- to think of them as just immature sports playing, bike riding, gaming enthralled balls of emotions.   I have been working with and around teens for 30 years.  One would think I had it down.  But still they surprise me.   Money patterns for their phones and consoles.  Interesting.

How has this young generation surprised you recently?   How might you better understand them Mom and Dad?   Maybe it takes a little more effort to understand their consuming and lifestyle choices than you are putting in? Maybe it is about spending a little more time and listening a little more closely.  What experiences have you had in this direction recently.  Appreciate in advance your response.

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